Pieces of literature varying from poetry to stories and just my views on the world, enjoy!

literature by Eman…

These are many different pieces of poetry, and stories for you to get comfortable and read. Also, daily posts to keep you updated. This website is about comfort productivity positivity and literature that (hopefully) motivates you, a website made by me .Follow and share so I can motivate myself to continue writing. I like views.



(click the image to go to the page )Here are some stories that are made in the late afternoon by me, cosy and made with thought to get to you.



(click the image to go to the page )Here are some poems that will hopefully inspire you and help spread awareness of the themes that have been selected.



(click the image to go to the page )Here are some pieces of art that I have made for fun, also some random thoughts that I have.

Editor's Column: How to Write a Book Review: Reviewing an Edited ...

Book reviews page, click the image to look at the page full of brilliant book recommendations and simple reviews to simplify your reading .

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” The difference between insanity and genius is measured only by success”


This is a quote that I had found online and it contains such honesty and truth that I couldn’t help myself I had to add it onto my website.

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